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 Brookhaven Arts Festival

 October 17th & 18th , 2020 

 Apple Valley Road, Behind Brookhaven Marta Station 

2018 Winners

at Brookhaven Arts Festival


Best in Show

Luis Enrique Gutierrez

Luis Enrique Gutierrez, master of contemporary ceramic sculpture learned from his father Helio Gutierrez at a young age. His developments of color and geometry have evolved into a sophisticated style born of his heritage and enhanced with his contemporary methods.


2018 Artists

at Brookhaven Arts Festival


Jonathon Romain

Breze Schmitz

Larry Smith

Phyllis Sullivan

Jacque Thompson

Kerryann Torres

Jamye Warren

Katie White

Carolyn Wicher

Jim Wilshire

Sue Ye

Bryan Yung

Barbara Zagorski

Jim Zhang


Michael Bryant

Russell Colegrove

David Dobbs

J Miguel Hernandez

David Leach

Kathy Wolfe


Robbie Bennett

Anita Edwards

Dee Mirkin

Anja Squire

Upcycle Art

Andy Stivers

Wearables: Non-Jewelry

Diana Rollins


Andy Bungo

Jane Burke

Sandy Cappai

Joel Lockridge

Kathy Zimmerman 

(1st) First Place

Obayana Ajanaku

"My goal as an artist is to combine these techniques and experiences into a unique neo-art form, enabling the individual to view or experience the usual in an unusual way."

(2nd) Second Place

Chris Mason

Mason's artistic career began as a muralist and faux-finisher. Adept at trompe-l'oeil and neo-classical landscape, his work appears in some of the finest homes.

(3rd) Third Place

Bert Beirne

Bert Beirne has been painting the still life for nearly three decades and is considered one of the important painters of the genre living today. Beirne’s work is most often compared to the Dutch and Flemish masters of the early Seventeenth Century.

Meet the Artists

The Brookhaven Arts Festival is highly selective when accepting artists into the show. Click below to see artists from past years. 

Review from Facebook

What a great show this year. Selection of artists was simply amazing! It was diverse, highly skilled and beautiful. Thank you for doing and excellent job of planning and delivering this great show. Also keep in mind, you can bargain a bit with the vendors. We got 2 great pieces at low prices!

- Wendy Stone-Bowman

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