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 Brookhaven Arts Festival

 October 17th & 18th , 2020 

 Apple Valley Road, Behind Brookhaven Marta Station 

2019 Winners

at Brookhaven Arts Festival

BH Art Fest Event 19 (221 of 399).jpg

Best in Show

Linda Hill

Linda is an artist based out of North Carolina. To create her beautiful artwork, alcohol Inks are poured, applied with brushes and washes then acrylic paint and/or pen/ink are added to enhance the painting on wood canvas

BH Art Fest Event 19 (269 of 399).jpg

(1st) First Place

Ronnie Phillips

Beginning as a freelance photographer, Phillips eventually took up painting and injected new possibilities into his work with mixed media. His work now varies from colorful collages of his images, to acrylic paintings embedded with his award winning photographic accents 

BH Art Fest Event 19 (204 of 399).jpg

(2nd) Second Place

Nino Chumburidze

"Each piece of my work reflects my thoughts and soul, my own comprehension of the world that could change according to my state of mind and emotions.
My intent is to create an image as a unique fusion of texture and color that takes it beyond ordinary representation of reality.”

BH Art Fest Event 19 (213 of 399).jpg

(3rd) Third Place

Yesha Panchal

Heavily influenced by Indian, Mughal and Contemporary Art, Yesha is able to portray her imaginative thoughts via diverse styles including, Water Colors, Paper Cuts, Oil Painting, Sketching, Pottery, Pencil Art and many others.

2019 Artists

at Brookhaven Arts Festival


Mark Batory

Luis Enrique Gutierrez

Veronique Harris

Tamera Josephson

Michele Maki

Brenna McBroom

Yesha Panchal

Renee Rawl Duffy

Larry & Tracey Rogers

Polly Sherrill

Eric Strange

Nicole White


Marie Rust

Rachel Shurbutt

Jay Wennersten


Amy Bowden

Janet Chico

Jeanni Davis

Patricia Disantis

Jennie Ford

Judy May

Diana Mineva

Lucy Murcia

Jackie Oleski

Clay Simpson

Alan Vaughn


Michael Hipps

Corey Hubbell


Obayana Ajanaku

Megan Austin

Nancy Bruns

Juan Carlos & Nuris Cahue

Nino Chumburidze

Dana Clariett

Kim Cullen

Michael Dandrea

Ann Finley

David Freeland

Josephine Fryar

William Gillard

Emma Knapp

Shari Magnus

Barb McQuiston

Dawn Muscio

Amy Parker

Talia Sapp

Haydar Martha Serezli

Regina To

Wendy Witchner

Kids’ Section

Smita Gupta

Michelle Schretter

Chamblee High

Da Vinci International School


Kalliope Studios

Kelly Did It Again

Total Wellness Solutions

Treehouse Experts

Mixed Media

Sean Barry

Nico Bielow

Beverly Brannon

Stacey Brown

Sandie Cappai

Alison Cohn

Hannah Coker

William Cowherd

Daniel Fager-George

Meg Fore

Linda Hill

Mindy Kelly

David Lasker

Yvonne Miller

Kathryn Nidy

Anuja Parab

Ronnie Phillips

Jennifer Upton

Margarita Warner

Kira Yancey-Willis


Su Abbott

Amine Badr

Benjamin Boling

Matt Bolton

Stan Bruns

Sergey Cherep

Amy Duke

Virginia Fergus

Bailey Jack

Victoria Jackson

Aziz Kadmiri

Dawn Kinney Martin

Phyllis Kirsch Dell

Godwin Kou

Don Meinders

Timothy Michael

Araik Minasyan

Margo Perkins

JC Pino

Phyllis Sullivan

Kerryann Torres

Jim Wilshire


Sue Ye

Bryan Yung

Barbara Zagorski

Jim Zhang


Michael Bryant

David Dobbs

Bryan Garris

Alice Hawks

J Miguel Hernandez

Shaun Krishner

Kathy Wolfe


William Colburn

Anita Edwards

Richard Jacobus

Richard Kolb

Sompit Xia

Upcycle Art

Chuck & Diane Geier

Wearables: Non-Jewelry

Paul Aud

Michael Smith


Ana Maria Barragan

Andy Bungo

Jane Burke

Sandy Cappai

Laurie Dayvault

Joel Lockridge

Jennifer Robinson

Jason Simmons

Milton Whitson

Kathy Zimmerman 

BH Art Fest Event 19 (214 of 399).jpg
BH Art Fest Event 19 (134 of 399).jpg
BH Art Fest Event 19 (197 of 399).jpg
BH Art Fest Event 19 (138 of 399).jpg
BH Art Fest Event 19 (163 of 399).jpg

Meet the Artists

The Brookhaven Arts Festival is highly selective when accepting artists into the show. Click below to see artists from past years. 

What a great show this year. Selection of artists was simply amazing! It was diverse, highly skilled and beautiful. Thank you for doing and excellent job of planning and delivering this great show. Also keep in mind, you can bargain a bit with the vendors. We got 2 great pieces at low prices!

- Wendy Stone-Bowman

Review from Facebook
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