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Kelly Marsh, Director

of the Brookhaven Arts Festival

Kelly has been volunteering with the Brookhaven Arts Festival since 2004. As a Brookhaven resident, she was happy to find a way to give back to the community that has been so good to her as a business woman. In 2014, the original festival organizer moved away, and Kelly found herself sad, and wanted to bring it back for the community that she loved. Since 2015 Kelly and the board have been working hard to improve and enhance the Brookhaven Arts Festival for both the Artists and the Attendees.

In addition to running the Brookhaven Arts Festival, Kelly Marsh runs the most successful Real Estate team in North Dekalb County. She has lived and worked in Brookhaven for 20 years which has enabled her to grow her business by hiring and mentoring new agents to reach their fullest potential. Her agents are neighborhood specialists, and know much more about the areas they specialize in than an average agent. Her team gives back to the community by sponsoring the Brookhaven Arts Festival, and supports many other local charities and schools.

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Kelly Marsh, Director & husband Joe Bickley 

Meet the Artists

The Brookhaven Arts Festival is highly selective when accepting artists into the show. Click below to see artists from past years. 

Review from Facebook

What a great show this year. Selection of artists was simply amazing! It was diverse, highly skilled and beautiful. Thank you for doing and excellent job of planning and delivering this great show. Also keep in mind, you can bargain a bit with the vendors. We got 2 great pieces at low prices!

- Wendy Stone-Bowman

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