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at Brookhaven Arts Festival

We are proud to provide the community with such talented musicians local to the Atlanta Area. Our musicians provide wonderful entertainment from the stage as festival attendees shop, eat, and hang out. 

Music Schedule

Saturday, Oct 19th 

10:00 am   Larry Griffith

11:00 am   Michelle Winters

12:00 pm   Brandon Marsolo

1:00 pm     Lorelou

2:00 pm     Brandon Russell Jay & The Good Hand

3:00 pm     Mandi Strachota

4:00 pm     Wesley Cook

5:00 pm     Shawn Spencer

Sunday, Oct 20th 

11:00 am   Greg Fortune

12:00 pm   Charie Jones

1:00 pm     Tyler Jarvis

2:00 pm     Ebony & Ivory

3:00 pm     Andrea & Mud

4:00 pm     Layne Denton

2019 Musicians

Andrea & Mud.jpeg

Andrea & Mud

Listen Here

Andrea Colburn & Mud Moseley keep somewhat of a traditional country and blues feel all while giving it their own haunting, part Piedmont, part Psychobilly spin.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would have been like if Bonnie and Clyde had started a Honky Tonk band with drippy tremolo surf guitar instead of taking the criminal path, this is a performance that you don’t want to miss.

Wesley Cook

Listen Here

Raised in small villages in former West Germany and a city in South Korea, Wesley values upbeat positivity in his music. His high-energy showmanship and down-to-earth charm makes it impossible for the crowd not to love him.

Wesley1 copy.jpeg
Layne Denton 2019.jpeg

Layne Denton

Listen Here

Led by the powerful and personal songwriting of Layne Denton, the Layne Denton band always brings a fun blend of blues, rock n roll, folk, and country to the stage.

Ebony & Ivory

Listen Here

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Ebony (Ebony Mattox) and Ivory (Marc Baldwin) are a talented and exciting acoustic duo that perform popular songs from all decades in creative and fun ways.

Ebony & Ivory.jpeg
190626 GF Poster 8 by 10.jpg

Greg Fortune

Listen Here

Born in Arizona, and currently based out of Atlanta, Greg is a self-contained singer, songwriter and musician creating sounds reminiscent of the classics, with a soulful blend of blues, R&B and contemporary jazz. 

Larry Griffith

Listen Here

Originally from Cincinnati, Larry discovered a love of music at the young age of 9. His eclectic music style and lively stage presence includes elements of blues, country, soul and rock.

Larry Griffith.jpeg
Tyler Jarvis.jpg

Tyler Jarvis

Listen Here

Based out of Atlanta, by way of Cincinnati, Tyler is a singer-songwriter who brings a fresh and purposeful approach to pop music. Through unique and interesting compositions combined with honest and crafted lyrics, Tyler’s music is an accessible and captivating experience for any listener.

Brandon Russell Jay

Listen Here

Atlanta's Brandon Russell Jay blends a bluesy, southern swagger with an honest, working class style. Armed with faith, identity and purpose, the songwriter is building a legacy of community in the arts.

Brandon Russell Jay.jpg
2019 Charie Jones at Tin Roof Finale-533

Charie Jones

A Georgia-native songstress, Charie is a unique singer-songwriter and purveyor of relatable music entertainment. Her picturesque storytelling is sweetened by her love affair with the Atlanta music scene, and her acoustic soul is shaped by modern alternative rock and gospel.


Listen Here

Lorelou is a singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. Her music expresses vulnerability and the authenticity of emotion, in hopes to provide space for others to truly feel and explore their emotions both pleasant and unpleasant.

brandon marsolo.jpeg

Brandon Marsolo

Listen Here

Brandon Marsolo is an active guitarist, singer/songwriter, and music teacher from Atlanta, GA with a passion for live performance. Live looping, including vocal harmonies, guitar solos, and beatboxing, allows him to provide a one-man band experience for his audience, with a music repertoire ranging from the 50s to modern-day.

Shawn Spencer

Listen Here

With a knack for big choruses and powerful lyrics, Shawn ventures into alternative rock and edgy, hard-hitting mixes, but with that sing-ability that pop music craves.

Band Photo.jpeg

Mandi Strachota

Listen Here

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in the wilds of Wisconsin, Mandi is the product of southern roots and Midwest know-how. Known for her soulful vocals, she is a multi-instrumentalist who is quickly becoming known for her songwriting.

Michelle Winters

Listen Here

As one of Atlanta's most versatile musicians, Michelle is a musician you’ll simply never forget. Her performances on the violin and animated passion on stage is equal to a rock star performing to thousands of diehard fans.


Meet the Artists

The Brookhaven Arts Festival is highly selective when accepting artists into the show. Click below to see artists from past years. 

What a great show this year. Selection of artists was simply amazing! It was diverse, highly skilled and beautiful. Thank you for doing and excellent job of planning and delivering this great show. Also keep in mind, you can bargain a bit with the vendors. We got 2 great pieces at low prices!

- Wendy Stone-Bowman

Review from Facebook
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